I Paid The World's Best Fortnite Pro's $50,000 to 1v1

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FaZe Kay

2 ай мурун

I Paid The World's Best Fortnite Pro's $50,000 to 1v1 @Clix @Mongraal @benjyfishy @FaZe Megga @FaZe Dubs
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FaZe Kay
FaZe Kay 2 ай мурун
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SheLuvsSweaty 8 күн мурун
@Mohamed Gaminghe didn't its a joke
Brett Turner
Brett Turner 10 күн мурун
Faze mongraal
Cekree 14 күн мурун
What about Buga? Were you able to get him to do the challenge or nah?
Abbi Ninja
Abbi Ninja 17 күн мурун
Faze clix?
Ryan Majesty McCuller
Ryan Majesty McCuller 24 күн мурун
Can i try out my epic is Ryanyt22
Murad Dlawar
Murad Dlawar 18 саат мурун
Shut up fraizer
E 23 саат мурун
tbh these guys should do it in arena
GoD RaCeR Күн мурун
Bugha is the best player
chrispen kawenga
chrispen kawenga Күн мурун
sheeeeeeeeeesh clix and benjy whent on
Bailey Nelson
Bailey Nelson 3 күн мурун
Btw I met faze monggral in finest 2v2 I got clapped
Clamity 4 күн мурун
Kay almost the whole video: Best PLAYERS IN THE WORLDDD
Z-Hang L
Z-Hang L 4 күн мурун
i vote for Mongraal
Cj Daoggoat
Cj Daoggoat 5 күн мурун
Imagine being a millionaire with a trash mic but at the same times roles can be reversed imagine being average with the best mic😂
Napkin Nathaniel
Napkin Nathaniel 5 күн мурун
Kay: I didn’t expect these pros to play this good Me: isn’t that good why they are pros
EBFZM 5 күн мурун
B. Bb
EBFZM 5 күн мурун
B. Bb
Akisha Angles
Akisha Angles 7 күн мурун
put jarvis there and they will be in silent LMAO
Nuitriz 8 күн мурун
Pov :you never go outside
killer trainz
killer trainz 8 күн мурун
8:30 bugha: am i a joke to u
Kj Bouska
Kj Bouska 9 күн мурун
K1NG A 9 күн мурун
I think Kay doesn’t know bugha he is literally better than all of tbose
Dj Clan fn
Dj Clan fn 9 күн мурун
ThomasHD is the best
AceElementzz 11 күн мурун
Megga and dubs rnt that good
Jovani Lopez
Jovani Lopez 11 күн мурун
its all about faze clix
melissa briggs
melissa briggs 12 күн мурун
My cousin really likes clickbank you fix your Minecraft
melissa briggs
melissa briggs 12 күн мурун
My cousin really likes
Ben O'Brien
Ben O'Brien 12 күн мурун
Mongrall be like I think mine is 39 im on switch and I got 35
Guilty Qw1ckz
Guilty Qw1ckz 13 күн мурун
Guilty Qw1ckz
Guilty Qw1ckz 13 күн мурун
4:24 “I’m a little sand ball” 😂
Yali YT
Yali YT 13 күн мурун
Megga and dubs aren’t 1 of the best
XIT zeroyz
XIT zeroyz 14 күн мурун
Eu on top
Jase Foster
Jase Foster 15 күн мурун
Whys bugha not in this
David Akubardiya
David Akubardiya 15 күн мурун
My favourite is Mongraal
apEX 18 күн мурун
Why us mongraal under water
Hussein 19 күн мурун
The home mongrall
Dom37gaming:] 19 күн мурун
When you roasted your little brother faze Jarvis I was like ohhhhhhhhhh
Matthis 19 күн мурун
megga and dubs rnt even close to be one of the best
NIX Ducky
NIX Ducky 20 күн мурун
My favorite out of all of them is mongraal
Rhashaun Williams
Rhashaun Williams 20 күн мурун
Can you buy me 2018 bucks
Tobiツ 21 күн мурун
Clix is the best one there
Jack Walden
Jack Walden 21 күн мурун
RON BETTER Then clix
Shaurya Parikh
Shaurya Parikh 21 күн мурун
Onle 8 kill I play I kill 108 in
Shaurya Parikh
Shaurya Parikh 21 күн мурун
And all so 99 not
reAlmZz_ skArgo
reAlmZz_ skArgo 21 күн мурун
faze kay: most expensive video ever me: tell that to mrbeast
reAlmZz_ skArgo
reAlmZz_ skArgo 21 күн мурун
can u do aussie fortnite gamers please?
Reikorrz Reikorrzz
Reikorrz Reikorrzz 21 күн мурун
Where is bugha
S Lopez
S Lopez 21 күн мурун
F.B.I 21 күн мурун
Bugha and Mitro crying rn.
Eminem 22 күн мурун
Where’s Bugha
Jacob Luera
Jacob Luera 22 күн мурун
Damn bro that’s crazy
No vows
No vows 22 күн мурун
did anyone catch in the captions he put benjy's face when clix was talking
Rajvir Nahar
Rajvir Nahar 23 күн мурун
WHERES buhga
Rustee Boi
Rustee Boi 23 күн мурун
The only reason clix won is because he was playing duos so he got more people to kill
vْoٓxٰerُِ 23 күн мурун
Clix benjy megga and dubs were playing solo vs squads while mongraal was playing solo
Rustee Boi
Rustee Boi 23 күн мурун
Clix had an advantage because he was playing duos so he is obviously gonna get more kills
Jayam Maheshwari
Jayam Maheshwari 24 күн мурун
I thought they only existed in Europe. Bugha and Clix: Hmmmmm
I Doclippz
I Doclippz 24 күн мурун
Strucid sweat
Strucid sweat 24 күн мурун
Clixs is good
Roberto Terriquez
Roberto Terriquez 24 күн мурун
They are all different breeds
sky nyper
sky nyper 24 күн мурун
Benjy was first to 50 kills,so he won half a bitcoin,right?
Zifto 25 күн мурун
Where is MrSavage
Antonella Xuereb Abela
Antonella Xuereb Abela 25 күн мурун
Benjyfishy booo Mongraal Wooo
Banger 26 күн мурун
is aim assist cheating???
Alfie Crowch
Alfie Crowch 26 күн мурун
Where's bugha
Soher Eid
Soher Eid 26 күн мурун
Kay be like: i have five of the best players in the world. Bugha be like: tf is wrong w these ppl
Joshua Cintron
Joshua Cintron 26 күн мурун
i watched this on mute cuz KAY NEVER SHUTS UPPP
DealWithSw1ft 26 күн мурун
the boy kay said i haven’t watched much fortnut
Syply 26 күн мурун
Bro they ain’t got anything on my squad we got 63 kills in a pub game
CGL Frenchiez
CGL Frenchiez 26 күн мурун
LuXuRy xNoah
LuXuRy xNoah 26 күн мурун
Big Benji Bongo
Big Benji Bongo 27 күн мурун
Do this with Bugha, epikwhale, fresh, Mr savage and faze sway
Jad Saymouaa
Jad Saymouaa 27 күн мурун
When kay cant stop speaking
Arbi Official
Arbi Official 27 күн мурун
Where is bugha
Rebecca Rokocibi
Rebecca Rokocibi 28 күн мурун
you need to SHUT UP kay i wanna watch it without hearing that F'D up voice accent
Stasiek Ulicki
Stasiek Ulicki 28 күн мурун
Mongraal best
lisalnr08 28 күн мурун
Jarvis plays fortnite
Daramylo Yt
Daramylo Yt 28 күн мурун
Where ron
IllxXsleezyXx Me
IllxXsleezyXx Me 28 күн мурун
Bro u say there the world best fortnite pros but they didn’t even win the World Cup come on bro
Cullen Müller
Cullen Müller 28 күн мурун
Who thought it was cute when clix said "im a lttle sand ball*giggles*"
Elimlahi Gamer
Elimlahi Gamer 29 күн мурун
I think clix
Lix Gaming
Lix Gaming 29 күн мурун
55 kills in 1 hour. That's almost a kill per minute damn
Hudson Hazekamp
Hudson Hazekamp 29 күн мурун
No bugu
iqraan bhutta
iqraan bhutta 29 күн мурун
mongrall is trying so hard to not scream and curse
benjamin schlüssel
benjamin schlüssel 29 күн мурун
Me: FaZe Kay, Who In The World Thinks You Are Mr Beast
Dylan Sutherland
Dylan Sutherland Ай мурун
John William
John William Ай мурун
They could just buy a phone they have the money lol
Wayne Rudd Jr
Wayne Rudd Jr Ай мурун
I bet clix can not beat me in a game as how many kills
Stlouis Family
Stlouis Family Ай мурун
Where’s fresh, sway and bugha
Yami Mandula
Yami Mandula Ай мурун
clix,benji,mongraal and mega and dubs r not the best justin is the best
Joseph Morelli
Joseph Morelli Ай мурун
Dr _SpirritYT YT
Dr _SpirritYT YT Ай мурун
Awww what happen to benjy fishy eye
edithal sujatha
edithal sujatha Ай мурун
Bugha: sed lyf
Vorxe Loafnz
Vorxe Loafnz Ай мурун
Faze Kay: I don’t like picking favorites.... picks monogram as his favorite.
Alpha discrupt
Alpha discrupt Ай мурун
Mega and dubs aren’t even close to the best
Nicole Rinaldi
Nicole Rinaldi Ай мурун
What about buga
Bailey McNess
Bailey McNess Ай мурун
Why would they want a ps5
Miță Troll
Miță Troll Ай мурун
zAndy eliminated benjy more times, he is the best in the world
YaBoiKingYT Ай мурун
Nobody: Kay: ThErE JUsT SlAyIng ThEm NOnStoP
Rezan Kalkan
Rezan Kalkan Ай мурун
where is stable Ronaldo
cameron oliver
cameron oliver Ай мурун
Mongraal got 40 kills in Arena
GDOG Ай мурун
Bro clix is the best and you say you did not know he was good
Andrew Mao
Andrew Mao Ай мурун
I clicked on this video expecting BUGHA but nope no BUGHA it’s fine I guess
Nexx_Eriksen Ай мурун
where is MrSavageM?
Coolstar 123
Coolstar 123 Ай мурун
clix is the big shitter u know he is gonna win
Jfjdjfb Hrhdjf
Jfjdjfb Hrhdjf Ай мурун
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